For over 6 years, the SAT Preparation Program at Middwell has been helping students do their personal best on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The program eases fears about taking the SAT and gives students the tools and confidence they need as they approach one of the milestones on the road to college.
For many students, SAT prep courses have become an important part of the college admissions repertoire. The SAT is a rather narrow test of knowledge which asks questions in a specific way. Because of this unfamiliar format, students' test scores often do not reflect their true ability and potential. The value of a SAT course lies in coming to understand what kinds of questions are asked, why statistically proven guessing strategies work, and what techniques work best.
The crucial areas of overcoming test anxiety and improving levels of concentration are also addressed by this course. Our SAT Preparation Program is run by educators from reputed colleges. Middwell is committed to excellence in giving specialized attention that has long been synonymous with school education.